i'm rosemary, and this is my little corner of the web! come in, take your jacket off, and stay a while. don't worry about the ghosts, they're mostly friendly. i hope you enjoy your visit to hill house!

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last updated: may 2 2023

upright women wanted by sarah gailey, spook by mary roach
friends at the table: partizan & bluff city s1
strange attractor - the superconducting supercolliders
yellowjackets s2, taskmaster s13
adding pockets to all my skirts + dresses!


  • 05.20.2023 complete style revamp!! let me know if anything's broken!
  • 01.27.2023 happy new year!! i added some new blaseball pixels to my pixels page!
  • 12.24.2022 shifted around a bunch of stuff! new background image, slightly different color scheme for the whole site, & a rehaul of the style of the navigation bar! also added a bunch of pixels to my collection.
  • 12.23.2022 joined the afternoon tea pixel cluband edited the navigation layout & pixel pages layout!
  • 12.22.2022 added on whimsy, a manifesto about being a silly little guy who is full of love & building 0.0001% of communism.
  • 12.13.2022 added jellyneo webring!
  • 12.07.2022 switched some of the sidebar layouts around & added a status.cafe widget.
  • 12.05.2022 added some quilt patches! one of mine and some of others'.
  • 11.29.2022 added a bunch to the /links page, made the footer a bit smaller, and made a new custom cursor! it's a little ghost! (i added it to my pixels page, too, if you want a little ghost cursor of your own!)
  • 11.28.2022 added teeny towers & made a lil haunted tower room & a very pink haunted dollhouse to put rooms in! also a bit of minor layout reshuffling.
  • 11.26.2022 switched the way my files were laid out so i didn't have to put .html at the end of every url. as a side-effect, some pages might be a little broken as caches catch up with the change - if something isn't loading right, try hard-refreshing (cmd+shift+r on mac)!
  • 11.25.2022 added /hobbies page & made a little pixel quilt square!
  • 11.24.2022 added /projects page!
  • 11.22.2022 new /journal entry!
  • 11.21.2022 yesterweb ring widget added! plus some info on /me & moved the /guestbook to its own page to free up some sidebar room. fixed some weird mobile formatting things. thinking about adding a page for original characters.
  • 11.19.2022 added a new badge (& am figuring out how to do pixel art again! i did it a ton as a kid but haven't really done any in years. it's fun!)
  • 11.18.2022 fixed header styling
  • 11.14.2022 added /journal, /badge, /toybox, & /links
  • 11.13.2022 added a bunch of text and images to /me
  • 11.12.2022 site created!