free palestine



the above graphics are free to use anywhere or edit as you like, no credit needed, to show your support for palestine. (i recommend having them link to one of the sites below so people visiting your page can get more info about protest actions, places to donate, & etc.)


source: ice-cappuccino on tumblr


protest actions:

boycott divest sanctions movement + find the bds guidelines for your country

no tech for apartheid

shut it down for palestine

jewish voice for peace

palestinian prisoner solidarity network's list of protests (worldwide)

call your congress representatives (u.s.)

5calls - makes it easy to call representatives & provides scripts for various issues (u.s.)

show up to protests irl if you're able, and make sure to follow good protest safety practices — wear a mask (good for both covid safety and keeping your face hidden), cover up any identifying tattoos + wear clothes without identifiable brand logos on them, don't post pictures of protestors without their faces thoroughly blurred out, & make sure face-recognition-unlocking is disabled on your phone so no one can get into it without your permission.


journalists currently on the ground in palestine:

motaz azaiza

hind khoudary

ahmed hijazee


historical context:

decolonize palestine's palestine 101 articles

podcast: behind the bastards' episodes on the netanyahu family & zionist apartheid (ft. palestinian scholar dana el kurd) - pt 1 + pt 2

podcast: cool people who did cool stuff's episodes on israeli and international solidarity with palestinian struggle (ft. jewish antizionist matt lieb) - pt 1 + pt 2 (includes a lot of super valuable context on the 90s/2000s era of palestinian resistance)

"what is the ethical way to climb out of hell?" — palestine's right to revolt & why it's important to support it, as well as debunking misinformation about palestine and hamas


cartoonist coop's e-sims for gaza donation drive

esims for gaza

operation olive branch - a spreadsheet compiling gofundmes & mutual aid opportunities


palestine childrens relief fund

unrwausa (u.n. agency for palestinian refugees)



ten's page of links to support palestine

dogfish99's palestine reading list page

80x15 badges donated by frills — thank you, frills!


please let me know if you know of more links i should add here! (zionists don't even bother emailing me — i am literally jewish so accusing me of antisemitism for caring about an ongoing genocide is really not a good look for you. focus your energy on actually helping people, thanks.)