halloween valentines

a collection of vintage halloween-themed valentines day cards!

i got these from various places on the internet & couldn't find sources for them - obviously it's difficult to find out the artist for individual greeting cards, much less ones from decades ago, but if anybody does know a source for any of these (or if i've mistakenly added any contemporary artists' work here), please let me know!

page revamped feb 2024 in honor of 32 bit cafe's valentines event!

ghosts & ghouls

this one might be my favorite of the bunch - the lace is so charming!!
this one looks like a card for a butch/femme couple which i appreciate
the painted vibe of this one!!!
the only one of these that i find genuinely creepy. why did they draw the eyes like that. hello.


points for originality & not going with the same 'bewitched' joke as the rest. also, this one's the cutest witch of the bunch by far, imo.

frankensteins & friends

love a card that's both insult and love confession
i think this one was meant to have a second phrase on the back, or something, but i love the thought of just handing someone a card that says I'M DEAD! in a big heart.

creatures of the night

miscellaneous monsters

a shoutout to kipling_west on flickr, who's halloween valentines album i got many of these from! the universal horror movie sticker-cards are from this auction listing.

if you find any more of these & want to send them my way, feel free to email them to hillhouse.neocities@gmail.com or drop a link in the comments section below!


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