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this page is a collection of all things ghostly! it's rather image-heavy and may contain flashing gifs, so please take care of yourself. you can click the pumpkins in the lower right corner to go back to the main halloween page if you'd like to.

the ghosts of the old web

or: graphics scavenged from defunct websites, gifcities, and etc & can't find proper credits for β€” if you know who made any of these & they still have an active site anywhere, let me know!

fresh graves

or: graphics from other modern-era websites that i could find credit for!

more things that are ghosts

β€œIn college I had a physics professor who wrote the date and time in red marker on a sheet of white paper and then lit the paper on fire and placed it on a metallic mesh basket on the lab table where it burned to ashes. He asked us whether or not the information on the paper was destroyed and not recoverable, and of course we were wrong, because physics tells us that information is never lost, not even in a black hole, and that what is seemingly destroyed is, in fact, retrievable. In that burning paper the markings of ink on the page are preserved in the way the flame flickers and the smoke curls. Wildly distorted to the point of chaos, the information is nonetheless not dead. Nothing, really, dies. Nothing dies. Nothing dies.”

β€” Nicholas Rombes, The Absolution of Roberto Acestes Laing

witching hour - andrew wyeth (1977)


the molt of a sperm whale (via)

Pina Bausch - Orpheus and Eurydice - Paris Opera Ballet 2018

gerard way tweets about being haunted