my pixels!


  • everything made by me on this page is able to be adopted, unless i note otherwise! use it on your site, put it in your toybox or collection, etc!
  • if you do use anything, please link back to me! either link directly on the image itself, or on a credits page, please.
  • also, please don't hotlink! save images to your own site's files.
  • don't use my stuff on sites that are conservative or otherwise hateful. be cool!
  • don't significantly edit these, but feel free to change the colors to match your site better if you'd like!
  • for my site in general, feel free to poke around in the code or contact me if you're curious about how i did things! please don't just take my whole layout wholecloth, though!

with all that out of the way — i hope you enjoy the pixels here! :^)



featuring my beloved dino-shaped menorah!


halloween '23

treats from my halloween shrine! pull your own treat out of the treat basket here. cat template is from the kitty friends club, which you can find more about on this page!

snail mail

gay stuff

+ alternate versions

+ with white outlines:

+ magnified: