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I'll rewrite this whole life and this time there'll be so much love,
you won't be able to see beyond it.

Bless the Daughter Raised by a Voice in Her Head, Warsan Shire

you haunt me so... let's be valentines!
how to make your house haunted

um we didn’t want to be rude but you do bring a strong restless spirit vibe to all the functions. we don’t think you’re haunted we actually think you might be the ghost. but we didn’t want you to be sad so we weren’t gonna say anything




my girl wronged by the narrative, my girl haunting her own story, my girl dead in the first act, my girl the blank in between the lines, my girl the phantom of the past the apparition of the future


ghostlight gravekeep ghoulboss


i'm like if a girl was a ghost. you wouldn't get it. i can walk through walls and i died the other day


haunted houses in concept. bodies as haunted houses. haunted houses as bodies. family and love and or lack thereof as haunted houses. dollhouses as haunted houses. unsaid words as haunted houses. haunted houses as haunted houses. and, of course, most importantly, carnival attractions.

you are so obsessed with imagery and symbolism you stupid homo
Everyone knows what an alien invasion narrative is, in the same way that everyone knows what a love story is. They are sort of similar: you are new to each other and have something huge to learn. Uprisings: Hannah Black Interviewed

i live in the most haunted house in the northern hemisphere because i keep buying cursed dolls and cracking them open like pistachios to release the ghosts inside em. see i’ve got this business idea and it’s to unethically harvest their ectoplasm and sell it in little jars like honey. unfortunately i’ve hit a snag, namely that ectoplasm tastes like shit and also if you ingest it you permanently lose the capacity to feel joy. so now i’ve got a bunch of unsatisfied customers who are literally impossible to please banging on my door at all hours. it doesn’t really matter though because the ghosts are already constantly slamming all my doors and cabinets so it’s just a wall of sound in here at all times anyway. i’m pretty sure i’ve got tinnitus now but on the upside i’ve got this new business idea where i repair old dolls with kintsugi and sell them at a ridiculous markup to etsy women in cuffed corduroy pants.

hey man we all noticed your posts are getting really whimsical lately i just wanted to tell you i'm proud of you for connecting with your lighter nature again
Valentine's day: that's a high femme holy holiday. Leslie Feinberg, Stone Butch Blues