Roses of Yesteryear by Lucien Pissarro (1863 - 1944)

deux face the two-headed calf, born february 28th 2024 at breaux farm in louisiana. as of march 12th, she's two weeks old and starting to be able to lift her head up and stand for a few seconds at a time!

Two-Headed Calf by Laura Gilpin

Tomorrow when the farm boys find this
freak of nature, they will wrap his body
in newspaper and carry him to the museum.

But tonight he is alive and in the north
field with his mother. It is a perfect
summer evening: the moon rising over
the orchard, the wind in the grass. And
as he stares into the sky, there are
twice as many stars as usual.*

* all four of deux face's eyes are functional, so there really are twice as many stars for her :)